do not resist

militarization of our daly lifes

for example policeforces get more and more militarized
whereas the police first task had to be to protect and serve their communities

The practice of donating unused military equipment to local governments began in 1997, when language creating a program for it was included in an otherwise unremarkable Defense Department budget authorization. Under the 1033 program, as it’s called, the Department of Defense publishes a list of surplus equipment that is available to local governments. But the turning point—as with so many other issues—came after 9/11. Since the nineties, the Defense Department has donated some five billion dollars’ worth of equipment—much of it non-lethal items, like office supplies—to local governments. But the over-all value of military equipment acquired by police forces is actually much higher: local governments have received approximately thirty-four billion dollars in grants from the Department of Homeland Security to buy their own military equipment from private suppliers.
That brings the total to thirty-nine billion dollars—more than the entire defense budget of Germany.

the crisis of police militarization by dexter filkins, the new yorker, 2016/05/13

do not resist, militarization of police