antigone meint: sind jetzt alle gleich oder was? demokratie ein etikettenschwindel?


Passend dazu was Anna von Reiz mal festgehalten hat und wie es sich wohl organisch entwicklen wird, wenn die Menschen sich endlich, endlich als souveräne, eigenverantwortliche Wesen zu verstehen getrauen:

„My Ex-O, Harold, and I had a breakfast meeting a couple days ago. He’s a very experienced man with a history of managing large corporate endeavors.
He wagged his head at me and said, „There’s positional leadership and situational leadership, and they (the Assemblies) need to understand that.“
Most of us are far more familiar with Positional Leadership. Someone came down and smote Joe Blow with a Magic Wand and Fairy Dust and made him The Leader. Maybe it was a rigged ballot box, or because he had a „special relationship“ with the former boss’s daughter. Maybe he just slogged his way up the food chain by accident, but there he is: The Leader, for better or worse, and everyone has to do what he says, because, well, he’s The Leader.
Been there and done that.
But there is also Situational Leadership, where everyone is equal and striving toward a goal. That’s what happens when one guy reaches out to save a drowning swimmer and another guy reaches out to save the first would-be rescuer, and pretty soon you have a whole chain of people pulling against the rip tide.
Situational Leadership comes about in unsettled times, times of emergency, times when you just have to work together to get things done — no hierarchy, no „social order“, no caste, no class, no advanced degrees required. It happens on a much more basic level, something that is almost instinctive, where suddenly everyone steps back and each one of us just „knows“ what we can best contribute. So we do. And it all works out.“

Foto: T. Schiffers, Herr der Schilder