elementary, instructive and in the same time entertaining

Elementary, instructive and in the same time entertaining is an old series i discovered this days. With an astonishing actor giving life to a brilliant mind and in the same time giving a good picture also of the upper classes especially and exemplary in britain: Sherlock Holmes played by Jeremy Brett. A bunch of never grown up, boyish and pompous self-appointed „Elites“. So ridicule all this fellows and seemingly nothing till today has changed. The Boris Boy is an exemplary of this useless boring class, who has for much too long taken advantage of the peoples. Their main sport is to mortify and to ridicule the others. Stupid games for not very bright childish „adults“. And still The Peoples give them credits and go to vote for them. All who go to vote do not want to change anything. Voting is a most Anti-Democratic system to let things be as they were.