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Posted By: Iain Davis October 14, 2022

In Part 1, we considered the forces shaping the world order and the attempts to impose various models of global governance upon it. In Part 2, we discussed the progress of the global power shift from West to East and asked why so many stalwarts of the so-called “unipolar world order” have not only accepted the inevitability of that power shift but have apparently assisted it.

Ostensibly, the multipolar version of the world order is a departure from the unipolar model in the sense that it will—supposedly—genuinely observe international law and share power among a broader coalition of nation-states. As a result, it will introduce—supposedly—functioning multilateralism into global governance, arguably for the first time. To some, this multipolar model sounds preferable to the current, international rules-based unipolar model.

Yet, when we look at the statements of the touted leaders of the new multipolar world order, their objectives seem indistinguishable from those of their unipolar counterparts.

For one thing, they express an unwavering commitment to sustainable development and Agenda 2030.

For another, they support the United Nation’s Security Council remaining the political centre of global governance—though, notably, loss of the veto isn’t countenanced.

In addition, they wholeheartedly endorse the World Economic Forum’s AI-driven 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).

They also regard censorship and information control as necessary to fight the “infodemic” and to protect the world against “disinformation.”

Their global initiatives—and the public-private partnerships that will implement them—are practically identical to the initiatives of their unipolar counterparts, though they offer an important variation, which we’ll discuss in Part 4.

Finally, to supporters of multipolarity, a new global “financial system” is, as ever, the key to the supposed “transformation.”

Welcome To The New Multipolar World Order – Part 3

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