Mars, warrior of the heart, spirit of dynamism, courage and vitality, protector and energizer of the weak and fearful, I conjure your robust presence before me. I see you now as a glorious being enrobed in bright red, the colour of passionate blood racing with the joy and zest of vernal energy, casting out fear and charging all depletion with new life; and the colour also of Venus, giving forth love and sweetness and poisoning your martial strength with the radiance of harmony.
I see your plumed helmet, your red hair and beard flowing underneath it; I see your eyes undying embers glowing with the fire of the stars, flashing with the impulses of regeneration, the thrust of the will of new life. I see your Chief’s Wand, denoting the power to triumph; your sword at your belt, ever ready to protect and drive back the foe; your shield glittering and valiant, which has the power to resist all malignant and invading forces.
I ask you to enthuse me with your knowledge, your powers, your fearlessness and enterprise and all the soul-qualities I have named and depicted; so that I go from this place armored and brilliant and infused with your inspiration, guided always by the light of my spirit, which is a particle of the heart of the Great Spirit of All whose Love, Wisdom and Power illumines my path.

Claire Nahmad

Bild: GOR Rassadin

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