the old reality, who had in the last thousand years become a quite stable matrix is falling appart

The old reality-construct, who had in the last thousand years become a quite stable matrix is falling appart. The forces, energies who imagined, planned and constructed this thing with the help of the humans in their captured and forgotten faculty to be the upholders, creators of the reality, that kept them docile, for ever needy and small, are on the informative and energetic level done. On the level of manifestation it takes longer especially for the dumbed down humans, who still care more to be consumers and users than creators of their realities.
To be creator has a great impact, I have to grow in my own response-capability.

Still the human is re-membering himself of his origins and that the creation, call it GOD, is waiting, that he also starts to create new realties, new worlds, where everything will find it’s proper place. Let’s call the new Realities and Worlds be a cosmic Open source Project.

For Humans who care for a good place to live, love, create and enjoy the fullness of all aspects live brings, in a profound contact with all beings, with our beautiful mother earth
it’s time to shake the old enslaving and dumbing down realties-constructs form us – to let them just fall away given, that we are no more interested in them. On the other hand let’s create the realities we want with a bright-and sharp-mind and full heartedly and with all knowledge we have in our guts.

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