About Cash and More

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, the banks are running out of cash–in a sense. The Federal Reserve Banks have been restricting delivery of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES to the tributary banks for the past three years, causing many smaller banks to fail.

FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are evidence of their debt, so obviously, if they can get you to return their I.O.U. to them without actually paying for it, they are ahead of the game.

The more FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES they can withdraw from the market and from circulation, the less their liability.

So of course they are „failing“ to produce new fiat debt note currency and withdrawing as much fiat currency as they can from circulation and cutting back on supplies to banks, too.

And trying desperately to find a narrative that will make people willing to surrender their cash or, better yet, from their perspective, throw it away.

Ridiculous, you say? How about a Disease X that could be passed from hand to hand via the physical exchange of filthy lucre?

They’ve already thought of that one.

They want to get rid of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES because they are evidence of debt. They want to get rid of cash, too, because then they could utterly control you and limit and micromanage your lives for their benefit.

For 160-plus years, the Federal Reserve has been selling a purported ownership interest in the labor of British Territorial U.S. Citizens (and every American in sight that they can impersonate).

They have been siphoning off the value of our labor which is our asset as collateral backing their debt notes — which means that they have created a system of peonage.

Peonage has been illegal since 1926. It is also illegal to securitize living flesh, but they have done that, too, by pretending that we magically ceased to be living men and women.

According to them, we knowingly and voluntarily adopted the status of „humans“ — and, much to your surprise, humans are not people.

Humans are imaginary second-class legal fiction persons. They have no Natural and Unalienable Rights, nor any Constitutional Guarantees, either.
Instead, they have Human Rights, but as humans don’t actually exist, their rights are rather sketchy, too.

According to the Illusionists responsible for this nonsense, not only have you, average Americans, been transformed into humans, males and females instead of men and women, but you are British Subjects, too.

According to them.

Pardon us for thinking that we already had that discussion. For eight years, 1776 to 1783.

On top of this, we should be grateful for the same political and social standing as indentured servants. It could be worse. We might be subhumans— which don’t exist, either, but having slipped one cog, what’s another?

Subhumans are the denigrated form of humans, and they are most often represented as civil servants or franchise corporations or both. They have no Natural and Unalienable Rights and no Human Rights, but are instead granted Civil Rights, which aren’t really rights at all. They are privileges.

Privileges are granted or taken away at the whim of the Grantor. Donald Trump suspended Civil Rights in this country with the stroke of a pen. Poof!

And La-Dee-Dah.

Congress could have done the same thing, and has on occasion.

The fundamental thing we all need to notice is that neither humans nor subhumans exist.

It’s all bunk. And we’ve even nailed down precisely where the bunk came from. Two Roman Catholic Popes who died hundreds of years ago.

Their intricate court systems are designed to coerce, fleece, and punish these phantasms — that don’t actually exist.

Codes, statutes, regulations, ordinances, rules and mandates are all designed to control and punish these second and third-class persons that don’t actually exist.

So the courts that propose to deal with humans and subhumans are out to lunch in La-La-Land, too.

All of this is Make Believe. A Kingdom of Lies.

Who needs a Tin Hat and a straight jacket now?

You, or the entire membership of the American Bar Association?

Think of the humans and subhumans at the bottom of the pile, who toil endlessly for I.O.U.s disguised as FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES that are not only never repaid, but don’t even have a due date printed on them?

It may not be happy news, but there it is. The Truth about the modern caste system and the ego-driven insanity that creates and sustains it.

If you want to live in a world where you are not obliged to shadowbox with someone else’s delusions and pay their debts for them, too, come home to your birthright political status and run your own government:

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