the faustian drama humans are kept in

Concepts, constructs of our world as plausible, as perfect and brilliant they seem, for me are of no value, if they do not empower to overcome on a daly practical, concrete basis, what goes wrong and what is killing life in all her aspects and expressions. Most posts on Telegram, answers are a kind of re-inacting over and over again the helplessness of the human beings. Helplessness and victimhood is a matter of choice, actually is one of the most toxic collaboration to keep evildoing at all level going on and on. It is the most successful self-delusion so one can stay in irresponsibility for ones actions, thinking and non-actions.

Also should we become deeply aware, that on the level of manifestation, materialisation of events, materials it is much more difficult to chance than on the level informational, programmation. FROM ZERO TO ONE, the way of becoming is


Now the „Gretchen-Frage“ in this Faustian Drama Humans are kept in: Where is it strategically most effective for us the earthly Humans to start for the change into livable Worlds/Realities?