beyond capital and patriarchal fragmentation

the mainforces, the mainlogic people’s, women and men are facing which are denying to live in safety, security and wellbeing are first and foremost of patriarchal nature and rooted there the capitalistic appropriation of all what nature has given to the humankind. As long as politics of the left subsumise the feminist question under all other -ism, they don’t understand what is going on: A generalized attack to all what is connoted to womenhood, to life. As long as women dont’s regonize themselves as a class in her own and of her own they can’t develope the requested force and strength to owerride and to render obsolete the ongoing extinction of life in all her manisfestations. Men are biased by a fear of loosing their patriachal defined and reduced masculinity. Women are biased by centuries of indoctrination, that life is only one if there is a center called man and alienation from their innate cores of pyrosophic power. The ongoing fragmentation of biophilic forces can only be owercome when the safeguard of life becomes the core, the ‚class‘ of women finds back her powers and there will be no more asking for permission of what so ever but getting life, real life back to people.