If we look closely, we will discover that all of these mainifestations of the technosphere, although on superficial level appering to be a problem, are in fact, helpful to the technospere in interrelated ways, Htey help the technosphere grow, become more complex and more fully dominate the biosphere….


Cancer treatment is a tour de force for the technosphere, allowing it to use its favorite techniques – chemistry (in the form of chemotherapy ) physics (in the form of radiation therapy) – to kill living things ( cancer cells, that is). Third, it will forgo the opportunity to exercise control over people to force them to serve and obey it, lest they find themselves deprived of very eypensive, supposedly live-saving therapies. What is optimal for the technosphere, then, is a situation where everybody gets treatable forms of cancer and where nobody believes they have any hope of surviving without chemo and radiation therapy. The technosphere likes us to be patients with it, and medical patients are patient by definition.

Dmity Orlov, Shrinking the technosphere. Getting a grip on the technologies that limit our autonomy, self-sufficiency and freedom. P 51f.