In my extremely particular view of history, slavery never existed other than that practiced by the Parasites when they took power. In our Previous Civilization there were no slaves.
Official History guarantees that „Africans from the West Africa were sold to European slave traders and transported across the Atlantic to the Thirteen Colonies“. In my version of History, the Thirteen Colonies only came into existence after the Parasites began to slice the world like a piece of pizza. In my version, America was never colonized since it was one of the cradles of civilization. In my version, those precarious carts full of Irish people sourrounded by rowdy Indians only existed in cowboy movies produced by a Hollywood factory owned by central governement tycoons. In my version of history, free and independent America, full of white imperial cities, was taken by force and destroyed by invading Parasites who only then enslaved the population to do their dirty work for them. Racism would be then created, developed and encouraged by Parasites. At the same, the Parasites would use the word slave to designate the population they most hated, calling them Slavs. Just as they would create the word Mamaluk that has connection „that look like men“ embedded in it, demonstrating the total lack of empathy and deep contempt with wich the Parasites would treat the people they had captured.

Manufactured History would later be printed in collective memory through radio, serials and through books and cinema. Finally, it would become entries in the encyclopedias..
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Achtung, könnte ganz klar
zu einer erheblichen Entlastung führen
denn es gilt zu berücksichtigen,
dass auf allen Ebenen gelogen und betrogen worden ist, dass die Balken brechen.

Mir scheint viele Kanäle, YT-Videos etc. kupfern von ihr ab, ohne sie als Quelle zu nennen.
Sie scheint mir radikal koherent, was sie bringt.
Ungemütlich, da sie doch einige Darlings, der „Alternativ“ Szenen killt.

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Mercury has always been treated as dangerous and unnecessary element by modern civilization. It was in 1940 that free energy was dismantled worldwide through artificial wars and revolutions. Later, to discourage the purchase of mercury by the people, preventing them from producing their own energy devices, it was created the Minamata disease. With the false flag, the fear of mercury poisoning. This ocurred in 1956.

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