Wendy Palmer „arbeitet“ mit den drei Zentren:

Mir gefällt das sehr gut ist es doch klar und nachvollziehbar.
In lockerer Folge, werde ich im Sinne Wendy Palmers und unter der Betrachtungsweise der Verkörperung hier immer wieder einen Text einstellen. Vielleicht auch mal ein Video oder eine Sprachnachricht. Das Erforschen der Terra Inkognita, die unser Wunderwerk Körper und wir Mensch mit unseren unterschiedlichen Körpern, wenn wir nicht nur im rein materiellen bleiben, ist für mich etwas vom Faszinierendsten und Bereicherndsten.

To mobilize my thoughts, I have to spark interest: I ask the right question so that I am magnetized into the head center. Mentally, I have to be more interested than afraid. Remember the whole idea of curiosity. I need to be sure that I am not entering into the head center in order to take control of the situation. I must enter with a genuine interest in simply seeing what it is like there. This is where we use our discipline and training. We focus on thoughts, think about one thing and ask, „What is at the center of this situation?“

To move from the heart center, we must yearn for contact. There is a sense of surrender, of being drawn in, like being in love. The heart must be courageous. If we have done our groundwork and realize that we cannot protect ourselves by keeping things out, then we can move in, without trying to avoid contact. We move in as if we are in love: We take the whole package, the whole person, nor just his or her positive sides, but the negative aspects as well. When we accept our own fear, our heart allows contact and we are drawn in – we experience intimacy.

To be connected with and move from the hara, or belly, we have to make a physical embodied commitment within space. We bring the ideas from the head and the feelings from the heart into manifest action. Moving from the hara means actually getting up off our duffs and moving our bodies; we make a physical change within our space. In the actual „doing“ of an act, we can discover the truth of its worth. We can find out where we are spilt and where our fear resides. Doing the actual physical practice is the way we find out the truth of our situation. The hara moves the body, and when we allow it, the belly will demonstrate its vitality and wisdom.

Wendy, Palmer. The intuitive Body. Discovering the Wisdom of Conscious Embodiment and Aikido.